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Majorca 2011

In April 2011, Bayeux's Graham, Stuey, Mark and Martin left Blighty's green and pleasant land for the Mediterranean Island of Majorca, hoping for a week's worth of balmy weather and enjoyable rides.

Below is the record of what they did. The reports were emailed back to the UK daily and posted as soon as possible. At the same time forum messages were updated and a running commentary kept up over the week.


Sunday 17th April 2011:

For those of us left behind, the Bayeux Boys in Majorca have sent back their first images to share.

The sunrise picture at their Hotel - Pollensa Park, seems to sum up the atmosphere! Fantastic!

And the first message has been posted on the forum and sounds pretty optimistic;

" looking good for the week, so many mountains to do and top up the tan. Lots of Brits, Germans, Swiss so loads of wheels to sit on. You all know what you're missing so book early for 2012...."

Let's see how they feel after the first hill!

First day photos.

 The boys take Lunch at Alaro  Lluc Climb 
Forum entry: Bigcheese (posted on arrival at their hotel)

Yes we are here in the sunshine should be some pics on the website later this week weather looking good for the week. So many mountains to do and top up the tan. Lots of Brits, Germans, Swiss so loads of wheels to sit on. You all know what you're missing so book early for 2012 Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

Monday 18th April:

Today the boys hit the Cura Climb - and not without some excitement and drama. See Greeny's entry on the forum.

Here are the photos they have sent in.

Graham stumbles upon

Jan Ulrich and his new buddy

(in background) getting

back into training....


Graham's made it!...

but Martin seems to have

forgotten his bike....

Captain Ken has a word with the boys

about excessive wheelsucking....

Stopped for a call of nature......

Saw this lovely rustic view.

Forum entry: Greeny

Nice little 90-miler today. Rode out with Ken (unofficial Ideal Travel guide) who took us along some quiet and very scenic roads to the Cura climb at Randa.

Great weather again, a little too hot in places, notably the hedgerow burning we happened upon and had to ride through like some sort of motorbike stunt team...cue some singed arm hair and a near heart attack...

Gentler day tomorrow, before we have a big bash on the final three days, including the climbs of Sa Colobra, Puig Major, Soller and San Salvador.

Cheers all! Laughing


Forum entry: Shane P (in the UK)

Well, it seems as though you have got great weather out there, much like it is here. Just trying to dodge the jealousy.

Easy on the coffee stops (Jan Ulrich or not), wouldn't want you lot developing better tans than race ready legs now. The old 'coffee helps with the rehydration' chestnut doesn't wash with me!

Have a good time all and ride safe. looking forward to seeing more pictures as and when.


Tuesday 19th April:

According to the post on the forum it was a "Nice easy day today 50 rolling roads". However one of the pictures suggests the training regime might be a little different!

Just two pictures today. Obviously trying to prepare for tomorrow's onslaught!

The hard  training continues........

Riding off after lunch.

The Mountains await tomorrow!

Forum entry: Bigcheese

Nice easy day today gentle 50 rolling roads only three of us out today as we left Martin trying to sort out his internet problems back home with BT. Big day tomorrow with a day in the mountains. Should be around 95 miles weather permitting Laughing Laughing Laughing

Wednesday 20th April:

Greeny reports that Bunyola/Orient, Soller and Puig Major were conquered today with a German surprise awaiting them on top of Soller. Looks like the training paid off after all!

And just to prove it we have three pictures from Puig.

A smile of victory as Martin

crests the summit first

Mark defies gravity

to make it over.

Stuey has little time to

admire the view as

the mist starts rolling over.

Forum entry: Greeny

Really good day for the boys today. A 90 mile mountainous ride taking in Bunyola/Orient, Soller and Puig Major. The cafe at the top of Soller has now opened again with really friendly German owners who do a nice line in ham, cheese and tomato baguettes!!

Puig was interesting, a bit like the forest section of Ventoux though not as steep. Legs are proper battered now, but not too battered for a quick walk to Tollo's.

Happy days!!

Thursday 21st April:

The weather was a big issue today. This prompted an early message about it being very windy and having no sun! (Should have stayed in the UK -Glorious here!!) This was to rule out one particular route but a suitable back-up plan was soon hatched.

By then end of the day though, the forum post reports a solid 67 miles were completed with the obligatory cafe stop en route.

Tomorrow's their last day and they have set their targets for Sa Colobra. Will they make it? Check back to see!

Three pictures have been wired today.

Caption Competition!

Best caption wins a trip

to Majorca 2012 (maybe...)!

"It says it's tarmac on here..." Martin was going so badly today he got overtaken by a girl...
Forum entry: Bigcheese (first update at 08:21 hours)

Weather not so good today very windy and no sunshine not overly cold though. Trying to decide where to go may be not the day to do Sa Colobra. Looks like we will do around 70 miles rolling out towards Selva for coffee stop. Fingers crossed for tomorrow and we can introduce Martin to the wonders of Sa Colobra. Razz Razz Razz


Second entry - 20:26 hours

Interesting day today very windy and no sun, yet still managed a good 67miles with a very nice cafe stop in Binissalem. Last day tomorrow may give Sa Colobra a go just to finish off the week and obviously another nice cafe stop Very Happy Very Happy

Friday 22nd April:

No pictures posted today - sorry.

Forum entry: Bigcheese - 08:36 hours

Well here we are last day and yes it's not as warm and sunny as jolly old England. Very dark grey clouds and wet roads trying to decide on best route but certainly won't be up in the mountains No No No


Forum entry: Greeny - 20:26 hours

Well, that's that. The cycling is done..the boys topped out at just over 450 miles, I managed about 30 less thanks to my dramas with work on Day Three. The whole experience has been fantastic, really enjoyed my first taste of team training camps!!

Highlights: The climbs of Soller and Puig Major definitely. That was my best day form-wise and I just loved it. All the lunch stops were great as well, particularly the friendly welcome at the newly-reopened Soller cafe and the little Italian place at Alaro.

My only note of regret is that whenever we saw the big groups of Germans and Swiss out in their team colours I wished the Bayeux could have matched them with a nice bunch of our own...maybe next year eh?


Forum entry: Bigcheese - 20:17 hours


Yes that's it another great week in Majorca It's now down to Tollo's for a few drinks to celebrate a good weeks training with no incidents.

Roll on next year cheers cheers cheers