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Majorca 2012

2012 saw another venture to the island of Majorca for a week's worth of pedalling and panting.

The teams experiences were emailed back to the UK every evening and posted on this website.

Here's what they had to say......


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21st April 2012.....We have landed!


The first post has arrived from Greeny on Majorca.

Well, we've all arrived safely and no major dramas with the bikes. Only Foxy, Stuey and Simon made it out for a brief shakedown ride; the rest of us were tempted down to the hotel by the promise of a Champagne welcome from the travel reps... one or two feeling a little woozy afterwards... at least Rob had the excuse of it being his birthday!

Not exactly the monastic start one might expect of a training camp, but then this isn't your usual training camp!!

The serious business starts tomorrow, as will the flow of photos. Can't bloody wait to get out on my bike in the glorious Mediterranean sunshine...


Day 1: 22nd April - Here are the first five photos....  (click an image to enlarge it)


This was the gang gathered outside the hotel before we set off for our ride today.

The Markowski brothers relax at the top of the climb to the Cura monastery at Randa.  A nice little 5km tester to kick off the week's climbing.

The "old guard" McCartney, Gosling and Gumby are pondering how new boy Tovey got up the hill so bloody fast...

A last bask in the sunshine before

40 pacy miles back to the villas...

Taking in the magnificent view

from the Cura monastery.

....and here is Greeny's post from the forum.

Just the 80 miles today, with the climb to the Cura monastery at Randa as the high point. Current King of the Mountains is Shaun, who monstered the climb, although an honourable mention to new boy Simon who ran him close.

And green jersey holder is a Markowski, but not the one you might expect, with Mark winning the bunch gallop into Pollenca (he was the only one who knew where the sign was...)

Just a brilliant day's riding, perfect temperature and lots of lovely shelter in the group.

Not decided on tomorrow's route yet, but the words "Sa Calobra" have been mentioned...

Day 2: 23rd April.   (click an image to enlarge it)


Gathering at the top of the Lluc climb - Rob was first man over after outwitting the new boy Tovey in a two-up sprint.

You ain't been to Majorca if you ain't seen the arches... not sure what has diverted everyone's attention though...

There it is, the dreaded climb of Sa Calobra... abandon hope all ye who enter here...

They look happy enough... but then they haven't even set off for Sa Calobra yet!

Lunch stop for Dean, Rob and Shaun in Sa Calobra, at the foot of the climb.

Gumby holds court...

If you don't fancy the climb back, there's always the ferry. No one took them up, so off we went.

Greeny adds....

No pics from the top, sadly, we were all too buggered. New boy Tovey exacted his revenge and swept into the KOM jersey with a display of impeccable climbing.

Mark (LeChef) posted his thoughts on the Forum.

Well day two done not so great today when the road goes up and up and up the legs don't feel so great!!!!!!! 70 miles with two big climbs the second being Sa Calobra. Ended up with cramp after the long drop into Polenca. Tomorrow longish ride taking in the climb of Orient then a rolling route back. Should have brought along fat blokes onl!!!!!y too many skinny climbers Very Happy Very Happy

Day 3: 24th April.   (click an image to enlarge it)


The boys relax at today's cafe stop

Rob gives a whole new meaning to the term training 'camp'..., where did I leave my moisturiser...

Greeny wonders whether to tell Jim his toupee has blown off on the Orient descent.

Caveman sports the new VC Londres team issue fascinator...

Fat friends!

A short but emphatic post from LeChef and a less than sympathetic reply from Shane on the forum.


Day three very sore legs all round team meeting tonight to decide on route tomorrow Easy day?????? NO!!!!!! Mad big mountain day 95 miles with three big climbs. Please note you may think we spend all day in cafes. However due to H&S taking pics on the move has been deemed too dangerous Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


Shane P

Sorry chaps, us UK based team riders know for sure that you DO spend all the time in cafes. With Le Grand Fromage's encyclopedic knowledge of Sussex and Surrey tea stops, its believeable that he knows all those in Majorca too. Don't give us that H&S bull, if you wanted to prove you were 'training' something other than your caffeine tolerance, you would find a way of taking pictures.

Have a cracking ride tomorrow, would love to be there. Still I'll go to the gym tomorrow at 6am instead and try to imagine I was there. The scenery is different but no less appealing, better than following some of your hairy ar$es up the climbs at any rate.

Day 4: 25th April.   (click an image to enlarge it)


Green begins today with....

Bit of a different approach tonight. Because people have been commenting about a lack of action shots, all the first five pics show us in action on our toughest climbing day.






Then the final three show the after effects...




And here are the comments from the forum.

Shane P

Brilliant chance for banter! I wouldn't say that it was totally without sympathy although have you seen the uk weather at the moment.



Shane your wish is my command "Us in action today" tuff day lots of tired legs all sat drinking lots of red wine now!!!!! conversation getting very loud total bollocks Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Rest day tomorrow cheers

Day 5: 26th April.   (click an image to enlarge it)


The view from our cafe stop... nice eh?

Rob taking the training too seriously as usual...
Topping up the tans!
"Where's the nearest mountain???"
Greeny cuts his usual aerodynamic figure on the bike
Finally tiring of all the piss-taking, Rob decides to swim home
And he's off!

Here are the posts from the forum.


Can't believe it's Thursday already... just one day to go. Crying or Very sad

Today was a much needed recovery day, so we took a quick 40 mile return trip to Son Serra and a cafe stop in a sort of Buddah Bar wannabe right on the beach; very rad dudes!

Yesterday's mountain special was a muthafucka of a slog for me, culminating in my lifetime worst bonk. Not fun descending a mountain while seeing stars and with legs like jelly... all part of the learning experience though.

Tomorrow is a rolling but essentially flat ride out to Porto Cristo, about 90 miles in all, which should top off the week nicely. The closing sprint should be good fun, as I'm sure a few of them have saved their legs...


Shane P

Much appreciated photos guys, thanks for taking your lives into your hands to prove its not all cafes and sitting about. Who got the closest to puking? Some look close! Really good shots and the after effect pictures are pure class.

Have a great last day.

Day 6: 27th April.   (click an image to enlarge it)


Well, here they are. The last pictures from the island this year.

Porto Cristo, scene of our

final cafe stop on this trip

Porto Cristo... easy like a Friday mornin'

After the cafe stop, the action begins...

Riding off into the sunset of another Majorca training camp... Martin M takes the blue riband final sprint and all that's left is to sink a few beers and start planning for 2013!

And the final posts on the forum from LeChef.

Friday night Very Happy Training camp done Sad Great week, great weather and to boot everyone got on and had a real good laugh. All the bikes are back in their boxes so tomorrow is breakfast chill out and wait for the transfer to the airport. Lets hope all the hard riding goes on in the racing when we get back. Well done guys a Majorca to remember Very Happy Very Happy

(Now back in the UK) Here I am sat watching it pissing down with rain Sad Another Majorca done and the best ever Very Happy good steady riding lots of action in the mountains and the wind ups for the sprints a real good fun training camp well done guys Very Happy We even managed to get a puncture on the transfer bus to the airport only for Shaun to announce he is a mechanic Rob gets the jack going and five minutes later with one happy driver we are off again. What a trip Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

That's all folks......for 2012 anyway....check back for news of 2013